Academics VP

Academics Vice President
Jennifer Dyck-Sprout
Jennifer Dyck-Sprout

Each week, we spend at least fifteen hours in class alone and then additional hours on homework.  Undoubtedly, academics and learning are a big part of our lives here at CBS, which is why I am extremely excited to serve as your VP of Academics.

My responsibilities include chairing the Academics Committee, supporting First-Year Academic Reps as their clusters navigate through the core, and working with the faculty and administration on all academic issues related to the student body.  This year, I will also focus on enhancing students’ experience in the classroom by improving communication to professors on teaching quality and course content through a faster and more efficient feedback systems.  I also plan to improve the academic experience outside the classroom by helping to improve the bidding system and by streamlining BOSS.  Because your academic experience and the skills you learn in the classroom are a valuable part of what you will carry with you when you leave CBS, I want all of you to have the best academic experience possible.

Please reach out to me at any time – stop me in the hallways, at happy hour, or shoot me an email to let me know how classes are going, what you like, and what we can do better.  With your insight and suggestions, I will do my best to help you get the best possible academic experience at CBS!

My Responsibilities

– Chair the Academics Committee.

– Participate as member, supporter and facilitator of First Year Academic Representatives committee.

– Work with Bottom Line editors to facilitate appropriate input on academic issues.

– Work with the Office of Academic Affairs (“Academic Affairs”), Student Life, the Honor Board, the Faculty and other members of the Administration on all academic issues related to the Student Body.

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