Clubs & Careers VP

Clubs & Careers
Vice President
Missy Lafferty
Missy Lafferty

Business school is a great opportunity for both professional and personal development.  As VP of Clubs and Careers, I am responsible for working with the Career Management Center (CMC) and Office of Student Affairs (OSA) to ensure your needs are met.  My responsibilities include:

  • Helping professional clubs create educational programming and assisting CMC in planning career-related events with the professional clubs
  • Assisting CMC in gathering feedback from students to help evaluate networking and career tools as well as geographic and industry-specific career venues for students
  • Overseeing the Career Representatives Committee (comprised of 11 first year career representatives, 3 second year student advisors, and representatives from CMC) to ensure student awareness and use of CMC events, facilities, and resources
  • Providing student feedback to OSA and helping OSA monitor all student clubs and activities
  • Managing the Club Committee (comprised of a GBA chairman, 4 1st and 2nd year cluster chairs and 1 non-GBA student) to help oversee the club approval process for the GBA.
  • Facilitating club officers with the development of strategic objectives, educational programming, and conflict resolution
  • If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other member of the GBA Executive Board.


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