Community Service VP

Community Service
Vice President
Sheila Lalani
Sheila Lalani

Community is much more than just the outreach of a helping hand. It is the interwoven thread bringing us all together. Our community is the legacy and traditions we share with the classes before us in an effort to build a stronger and better tomorrow. As VP Community, I ensure that Columbia Business School students have the necessary means and tools to engage our internal, external, and surrounding communities. I also head Community Action Rewards Everyone (CARE), which is the umbrella organization for all community service activities taking place at the business school.

With the help of CARE VPs and AVPs, I connect community organizations with resources such as volunteers and advertising to assist with community outreach initiatives. I also work closely with the University Senators to develop more programming around Columbia University to enhance the knowledge base and network of business school students with the greater university. In addition to supporting the efforts of student organizations, I act to facilitate school-wide service events, including a kick-off event around new student orientation, the Holiday Party for Kids, and the Candy Gram fund raiser.

My Responsibilities

– Chair Community Action Rewards Everyone (“CARE”).

– Coordinate Cluster Community Representatives and provide advice on how to go about their roles, support their activities, and help facilitate the use of the in-place CBS mechanisms in conjunction with Student Life.

– Plan and orchestrate requests received for volunteers from various outside community service groups in conjunction with  Student Life.

– Organize community service events in conjunction with the Cluster Community Representatives.

– Generate, spread, and maintain a doctrine of community awareness throughout the Business School, and coordinate and promote all community service activities.

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