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Events Vice President Alberto Valls
Alberto Valls



We are the Columbia Business School Community.  The lifelong relationships we build during our two years at Columbia Business School will serve us while we are on campus, and will continue to play a meaningful role in our lives and careers throughout the future. To promote a greater sense of community, school wide events organized by the GBA provide the student body with ways to interact and connect with one another outside the classroom.

As your VP of Events and Chairman of the Events Committee, I will be working tirelessly throughout the year to represent you on the GBA and to coordinate with the 12 members of the Events Committee to bring you the events you want, need and deserve:

Thursday Happy Hours in Uris Deli are a time-honored tradition here at Columbia Business School. These regular weekly events are a great way to blow off some steam, grab a few beers, and relax with classmates, friends, faculty & administration. This year we are focused on ensuring that every happy hour is funded and unique. But the evening will not end in Uris Hall.  We will mix-up the Happy Hour After Parties at the coolest spots in New York City, to keep things interesting even after you leave Uris Hall!

School Wide Off-Campus Events encourage students to spend time together while discovering the best that New York City has to offer. We will be working to continue and expand the line-up of diverse off-campus programs available to you throughout the year. Each month will bring with it a new opportunity to take advantage of performing art, athletic and community events in the City.

School Wide Socials, such as the Fall & Spring Balls and the Mid & End of Semester Parties, bring the Columbia Business School Community together outside the doors of Uris Hall.  The Events Committee is committed to making each one of these socials a memorable experience.
Cross-Cluster Events help to facilitate students getting to know one another regardless of cluster or class year. We will be working closely with 1st year Social Reps and 2nd year Cluster Chairs all year to encourage more of these types of events.

New Ideas & Energy strengthen our community through innovation and broader student participation. We have some great ideas for new events, but we would love to work with you to make your ideas a reality as well. We hope you will join us in planning and implementing various events throughout the year – we need your help!

Our enthusiasm for Columbia Business School and all that it has to offer is limitless. The GBA and Events Committee are committed to making your experience here one that you will not forget! If you enjoy yourself and build strong relationships through the events we plan for you this year, we will have done our job.

I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you.  Your feedback is needed and appreciated. Please reach out to myself, the Events Committee ( or your cluster social chairs  at any time with your thoughts, questions, or ideas.

My Responsibilities

– Chairman of the Events Committee, which is responsible for:

– Building community within the Business School through events, which will attract the diversity of students at the Business School.

– Ensure the successful running of Happy Hours:

– Coordinate funds to finance Happy Hours.  Each Happy Hour is contingent on these funds, and should not be thought of as an expected weekly event.  Funds can be raised from sponsoring firms through clubs, Student Life and any other party wishing to sponsor a Happy Hour.

– Organize the set-up, clean-up and manning of the events.  This may include, but is not limited to, hiring of workers and security, organization of food and refreshments.

– Ensure that all parties involved in the event are prepared and understand their commitments.  These parties include sponsors and workers.

– Assist in the planning of post Happy Hour events

– Organize school-wide events, such as:

– Fall Ball

– Spring Fling

– Mid-semester parties

– End of semester parties

– Organize social events during Disorientation week for graduating second year students

– Coordinate First Year Cluster Social Representatives to provide advice as needed

— Ensure awareness and use of the on-line calendar by the Student Life, clubs & GBA

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