Treasurer Uzayr Jeenah
Uzayr Jeenah

The GBA is allocated a budget by the University to promote and support Business School activities such as community service projects, academic panels, alumni events, and Happy Hours. It is the VP of Finance’s role to administer and manage this budget. In addition, the VP of Finance coordinates the sale of CBS merchandise to business school students and in the University Bookstore. Lastly, with over 95 active clubs, the VP of Finance serves as a liaison between the financial officer of each club and the Office of Student Life.

My Responsibilities

– Chair the GBA Budget Committee

– Coordinate all budget allocations and maintain the GBA budget.

– Chair the Merchandise Committee and monitor Merchandise Committee financial statements and activities. Collect all fees for Council sponsored events.

– Monitor all Council financial statements.

– Collect all Council fees from clubs and activities.

– Consult with club Finance Vice Presidents as needed or requested throughout the year to provide assistance on finance-related issues.

– Monitor club finances for compliance with clubs’ official responsibilities, as outlined in Guide for Student Clubs and Interest Groups.

– Take on additional Council initiatives as time permits.

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