Info & Infrastructure VP

Info & Infrastructure
Vice President
Mike Zhu
Mike Zhu

As Vice President of Information and Infrastructure, I will be your advocate on issues related to Campus Infrastructure, Information Technology Group and the library. I am also responsible for the Info & Infrastructure Committee. If you have any suggestions or concerns that I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My Responsibilities

– Coordinate and monitor the First Year Cluster Technology Representatives.

– Act as the GBA liaison to Information Technology Group (“ITG”).

– Work with ITG and other members of the Administration on any technology issues affecting the Student Body.

– Monitor, develop and update the Council website.

– Responsible for designing all GBA branding and logo.

– Provide ITG with recommendations and feedback on how to better use technology (either existing or new) to enhance and improve the student experience.

– Work with Marketing & Communication on information flow between students and the administration

– Work with Operations and Library Services on any issues affecting student life

– Run the monthly Information and Infrastructure committee meetings

Minutes from recent committee meetings:

September 20th 2012

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