University Senator

Damani Aaron
Damani Aaron

The University Senator provides a connection between CBS and the greater Columbia community. The University Senator position is a two-year role at CBS; one Senator is elected from each first-year class in September. The role is meant for those interested in long-term planning efforts of CBS and the overall University, and in increasing dialogue between the two bodies.

The University Senate is the policy-making body for Columbia University. The University Senate addresses itself to campus issues affecting more than one school. These include all general faculty and student affairs, most issues that fall under the responsibility of the central administration, and all areas under the jurisdiction of any Senate committee. Consequently, few issues of importance to the University and its educational mission are not addressed at one time or another. The University Senate is composed of elected student leaders, as well as elected faculty and alumni leaders, members of the Board of Trustees, and key administrators from across the University.

CBS Senators are each involved in Senate subcommittees, as well as the Student Caucus, each of which meet once a month to discuss relevant issues. The Student Caucus is composed of one or two senators from each Columbia undergraduate or graduate school. Issues discussed in the past year included ratifying new degree programs, formulating a Conflict of Interest Policy for university research, helping the University develop plans for campus expansion into West Harlem (Manhattanville), and reviewing the University budget amidst the recent economic crisis.

My Responsibilities

– The Senator position is a two year position.  Therefore, the Junior Senator (see Article X, Sections 6 and 7) will become the Senior Senator in his/her second year at the Business School.

– Work within the University Senate Plenary.  The Plenary is an inter-school body, made up of students, faculty and administrators, which looks at University-wide issues.  The Plenary is supported by Standing and Ad-Hoc committees, including, but not limited to the Student Affairs Committee, the Budget Committee, the Housing Committee, the Education Committee and the Executive Committee.  The Senator is expected to sit on the Student Affairs Committee (Student Caucus) and one additional committee.

– Ensure the Student Body is aware of University-wide issues.

– Represent the Student Body on University-wide issues that pertain to them.

– Represent students on any Dual Degree and Cross Registration issues.

– Represent the GBA in coordinating events with other schools within the University.

– The Senior University Senator will maintain communication with the Junior University Senator on all matters pertinent to this office.

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