VP CBS Community

CBS Community
Vice President
Adaobi Kanu
Adaobi Kanu


This newly created Executive Committee position within the GBA Council aims to strengthen the CBS community which spans across an incredibly diverse student body, accomplished faculty base, international alumni network, and cosmopolitan New York neighborhood.  This position also attempts to coordinate events where many of the school’s constituents have overlapping interests.

My Responsibilities

-   Promote community among students through new initiatives through collaboration with: The Peer Advising Board, The Bottom Line,Hermes Society

-  Chair the committee of CBS Matters Representatives

-  Initiate and lead second-year bonding events

-  Oversee the committee of first-year Cluster Cup

-  Foster the integration of the following groups with the greater student body through events: Significant Others (in coordination with the Better Halves Club), EMBAs , J-Term Class (efforts led by J-Term President)

-  Identifying opportunities to coordinate community events sharing overlapping interests among student groups

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