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Submit a GBA TV entry


The GBA Council wanted to give students a different avenue to communicate with one another. Improving community implies sharing of more information among students. GBA TV allows us to learn about what other clubs, clusters and even individuals are up to without clogging our inboxes.

Special thanks to MarCom, OSA and ITG for their support of this project.

Who can use GBA TV?

Everyone! GBA TV is a resource for the entire GBA community.

What goes on GBA TV?

Anything that we would not mind a recruiter seeing. While GBA TV is solely for student to student communications, it is in a public area, so PLEASE be cognizant of this. All slides submitted for GBA TV will be vetted by a member of the GBA Council.

Below is suggested information for GBA TV:

Clusters – Announce your domination at cluster cup events, cluster birthdays of the week, joint cluster events, professor shout outs…

Clubs – Promote your conferences, club happy hours, club parties, announce election results, recognize your alums

Individuals – shout outs to any member of the CBS community

How do you get on GBA TV?

1. Download this template if you have not already done so. Please keep the dimensions of the template the same!

2. Add your information to your slide - follow the best practices below

3. Create a JPEG image from the slide – click here for how

4. Send your image at least 24 hours in advance of requested posting date

Best Practices

– Use font in sizes 40-100

– Consider the legibility of your slideā€”use large fonts, contrasting colors and few words

– Fit all information on one slide– Proofread your slide, particularly for time, date and location

– DON’T reformat the template

– DON’T submit multiple slides for a single event

– DON’T overcrowd your message with too many words or images

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